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For Parents: Home-School Partners

Home-School Partnerships

The parents, school and school district work hard together in many ways to make your child's school experience successful and to ensure that you, the parent, knows what is happening in your child's life at Waverly.

Backpack Express

Your child's backpack is the major means of communication between home and school. It is imperative that you check your child's backpack every day. Notes from home should be placed in your child's folder in the morning, before they leave for school.

Waverly Whisper

The Waverly Whisper is the school newsletter. It is a joint project between the school and the Waverly PTA. A link is sent to your e-mail. This keeps you in touch with what is happening at Waverly.


Parents are encouraged to call their child's teacher whenever the need arises. The teacher will get back to parents via a phone call, e-mail or through the child's backpack.

Open House

An evening in September is set aside to provide parents the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of the Waverly School. Parents have the chance to meet the teacher, visit the classroom and to learn first-hand about their child's program.

Report Cards

Parents will receive a formal report card from their child's teacher, at designated times, during the school year.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year. However, a conference may be held at any time during the school year at the parent or teacher's request.

School Directory

In the fall parents receive a directory with the names and addresses of all Waverly children. This provides easy access to phone numbers needed for those important "play dates."

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