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For Parents: Attendance Rules

When Your Child is Absent

  1. Please call Nurse Lozina at 793-6130 ext. 5509 EVERY time your child is not in attendance at school. Please leave a detailed message with the nurse, or leave a message on her voicemail at the extension above. Please leave the following information if you should reach the recording: first and last name of the child, date, class and the reason for absence. If a student is absent without a parent calling, Nurse Lozina's office or the main office, will call the home or designated number to confirm your child's absence.
  2. If your child is out sick more than one consecutive day, you must call the Nurse, ext. 5509 each day your child is out. DO NOT E-MAIL, TEXT OR LEAVE A VOICEMAIL WITH THE CHILD'S TEACHER.
  3. It is also district policy that if your child is absent from to 1-3 days, a parent note is required upon your child's return to school. If your child is absent 4 or more days due to illness, a note from the doctor is required upon your child's return to school. Failure to do so will result in an illegal absence.

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For Parents