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Eastchester School District Wellness Initiative
by Jennifer Batz - Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 3:41 PM

Kids in the Candy Store:  Household Items with Abuse Potential


Presented by Michael Nerney


Monday, May 1, 2017   7:00pm   Eastchester High School Library


Your home likely contains many items that, in the wrong hands, can pose grave danger for abuse, addiction, overdose and even death.  Hear about trends in teen/preteen substance abuse regarding prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and many common household items such as cleaners and solvents.  Learn how you can safeguard these items to create a safe and healthy environment in your home.


Did you know?*

·        Inhalants are often among the first drugs that young adolescents use.

·        Inhalants are used more by younger adolescents than older ones.

·        Inhalant use can become chronic and continue into adulthood.

·        Cough medicines, dietary supplements, sleep aids and caffeine pills are common substances of abuse among teens.

·        Many teens experiment with over-the-counter substances believing them to be safe because they are legal and readily available to the public.

·        The risks of abuse of these medications and supplements are many.

·        There are more than 1000 household products that teens can use to get high.

·        Some of these products include: typewriter correction fluid, felt tip markers, spray paint, air freshener, butane, cooking spray, various types of glue, gasoline, deodorant spray, fabric protector spray, whipping cream aerosols, hair spray, and household cleaners.

·        Not only are these items available in the home, teens can walk into any grocery store, hardware store, or pharmacy and purchase them with no questions asked.


Please join us for what should be a very informative evening.


*Source:  National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens (NIDA)