Allergy Letter

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Allergy Letter
by Jennifer Batz - Monday, August 14, 2017, 4:56 PM

Summer 2017

Dear Parents,

In recent years, we have become more aware of various food allergies and the potential consequences for those individuals who suffer from them. A food allergy involves an interaction between food and the immune system and must be taken seriously.


Many of our students have been diagnosed with having tree nut/peanut allergies. Accidental ingestion or touching of even a tiny trace of nut can cause an immediate and potentially fatal reaction. Many cookies, cakes, candy and other snacks contain these ingredients which can be passed on by contact with hands and toys if another child brings these foods into the classroom. Given the severity of some potential reactions, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.


Lunch Time in the Cafeteria


-Lunch items may have smooth nut butters (peanut nut

butter, almond butter or Nutella) -Students with peanut allergies will sit at our popular “Nut Free” tables (Beginning in mid-October students can be accompanied by a friend.)

- No candy





Snack Time in the



-                  No nuts!

-                  No candy!

-                  Fruits and vegetables are great options!


Classroom Parties and



-                  No nuts!

-                  No candy!

-                  Parents of a student with allergies needs to send in their own special snack.


Teachers will ensure that parents of students with allergies will be given at least one week’s notice prior to a party being held in the classroom so that those parents have time to prepare an appropriate food or party treat for their own child to eat.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter. If you need to discuss anything related to this topic, please feel free to contact our school nurse, Carol Kaessler at (914)793-6130 ext. 5509.