Waverly Moving Up Concert 2018 Song Lyrics

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Waverly Moving Up Concert 2018 Song Lyrics
by Jennifer Batz - Thursday, May 24, 2018, 2:37 PM

Dear First Grade Families,

The First Graders will perform their final Waverly Concert on Monday, June 18 in the Waverly gymnasium. Classes will perform at the following times:

9:30am- Saraco, Zuzolo, Borowsky, Vaughan, Cinquemani

10:30am- Koller, Dachik, Demos, Schwartz, Garrett

This packet contains the lyrics to the concert songs so that students can practice at home. Please note that some songs are not sung by all classes.

On the concert day, children should wear their Waverly T-shirt or a plain red shirt. Please do not include hats or large hair accessories.

Please contact me with any questions-

-Mrs. Ness, music teacher