Important Information from Waverly’s Health Office

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Important Information from Waverly’s Health Office
by Jennifer Batz - Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 3:01 PM


Office #793-6130x5509        Fax #793-1919





The school nurse:

a)    Attends to tummy aches, skinned knees, headaches, minor first aid, etc.

b)    Conducts hearing and vision screening.

c)    Reviews physical and immunization records. If medical and immunization records are not up to date, your child will not be allowed to come to school.

d)    Sends notices home when students are exposed to communicable diseases.

e)    Will notify parents if their child becomes ill during school.




All parents are expected to follow the school policy regarding absences:


a)    Call the school nurse each day your child is absent from school. Even if you email your child’s teacher about their absence, you still need to call the school nurse.

b)    If your child is absent 1-3 days, a parent note is required. Send the note explaining the absence to school with your child upon his or her return.

c)    If your child is absent 4 or more days due to illness, a note from the doctor is required upon your child’s return to school.

d)    If you child will be late for school due to a doctor’s appointment, parent must sign-in in the nurse’s office before returning to class.



Emergency Contact Information:


a)    If you have to update your Emergency Contacts, please do so immediately by sending in your changes in a letter addressed to the main office and to the school nurse. If your child becomes ill or is injured during school and you cannot be reached, your emergency contact will be called.

b)    The people listed as your emergency contacts must be local to drive to the school to pick up and care for your sick child.

c)    Only your emergency contacts you list allowed to pick up your child if you are unable to do so. If you want someone other than your emergency contact to pick up your child, a note giving permission must be faxed to the nurse’s office.

d)    If there is a change in your phone numbers or emergency contacts during the school year, please notify the main office and nurse in writing.




School district policy states that should your child requires prescription or nonprescription medication during school hours, the school nurse must have the following:


a)    Medication consent form completed by the doctor and parent. The form can be picked up from the nurse’s office.

b)    Medication must be in original pharmacy or store container.

c)    Parents must bring medication to school. Children are not permitted to carry any medications while at school, or to and from school.


To Be Excluded From Gym Class/Recess:


A doctor’s note is required if your child needs to be excused from gym due to and illness and/or injury. A follow-up note is needed from the doctor when they are able to return to physical activity. Your child will not be able to return to gym/recess unless a doctor’s note is received.

Please note that if your child is excused from gym, that means he or she is also excused from recess time.




Parents of any child who is injured at home and receives sutures, glue-bond, or who is casted or splinted must report the incident to the nurse’s office. A doctor’s note is needed upon return to school stating nature of injury, specific restrictions and follow-up date with the doctor. Upon recovery, a follow-note from the doctor is required before the child can return to full activity. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


Physical Examinations and Immunizations Records Required by New York State for Kindergarten & First Grade:


During Kindergarten screening a reminder will be given to every parent with the date their child’s next physical is due. All immunizations that are due for kindergarten entrance are to be sent in to the school nurse before the start of the school year.


Parents of first graders will be sent home a reminder in June as to the month their child’s first grade physical and immunization record is due.


It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the school with the physical exam and immunization record on the month their child’s physical is due.






Guidelines to follow when deciding to send you child to school:


1)       Fever - Do not send your child to school with a fever. A child must remain at home 24 hours after a fever has subsided with no medication given. Please do not give your child Tylenol or Motrin in the morning and send him or her to school.

Example: Fever on Monday. Stays home on Tuesday (rest day and no medication) and may return to school on Wednesday.

2)      Cold and Cough – If your child has a bad cold and/or cough, a persistent runny nose or sneezing, please have him or her rest at home until symptoms subside. If your child suffers from seasonal allergies and takes medication for this, please make sure that this information is on record in the nurse’s office.

3)      Rash – Do not send your child to school with a rash. Please consult your doctor. Rashes must be diagnosed and determined non-contagious and your child may only return to school with a doctor’s note detailing diagnosis and treatment. The child must remain at home if the rash is diagnosed contagious.

4)      Vomiting/Diarrhea – Your child should remain home if he or she has had these symptoms in the morning or the evening before school. A child must remain home 24 hours after vomiting and/or diarrhea has subsided and he or she is feeling better (no nausea, no cramps) and is eating normally.

Example: Vomited and/or diarrhea on Monday. Stays home on Tuesday (rest day) and may return to school on Wednesday.

5)      Chicken Pox – Please keep your child home from the initial onset of chicken pox until all lesions are dry. A doctor’s note with diagnosis must be presented upon return to school.

6)      Conjunctivitis - A child diagnosed with conjunctivitis should stay home until there is no discharge and the eye no longer appears pink. Please report contagious conjunctivitis to the nurse.

7)      StrepA child diagnosed with strep must stay home for 24 hours from the start of medication. Please report strep to the nurse.

8)      Head Lice Notify school nurse at 793-1919 ext. 5509 if you suspect your child has head lice. Contact your doctor for advice on treatment and follow directions carefully. Parents are asked to bring their child to the nurse’s office at 8:30 a.m. the following day after treatment.



If your child is sick, please do not give in to their pleas to come to school because of a party or activity they are afraid to miss. It is unfair to your child, the other students and the staff. The parent must make the right decision.