Kindergarten Spring Concerts: POSTPONED

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Kindergarten Spring Concerts: POSTPONED
by Jennifer Batz - Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 7:56 PM

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Dear Kindergarten Families, 

The kindergarteners and I are looking forward to performing a concert for you in the Waverly gymnasium. Classes will perform at the following times: 

9:30am- Tine, Engborg, Ullrich, Batz, Torres/Rogliano, 

Rosenkranz and Arita (K students only) 

10:30am- Mastocciolo, Falcone, Soares, Dragonetti, 

Tortorella, Cavalli (K students only) 

On the concert day, children can wear festive attire of any color with comfortable, flat shoes (sneakers if they have P.E. that day). Please do not include hats or large hair accessories. 

Please contact me with any questions- 

-Mrs. Ness, music teacher