Nurse's Corner



  • itchy eyes; runny nose; itchy nose; sneezing

Ask your pediatrician about medicine to manage allergies:

  • antihistamine; nasal corticosteroids; eye drops

Are the symptoms from outdoor or indoor allergies? Knowing will help you find the best treatment.

  • Avoid allergens that trigger symptoms. For example - pets, mold, pollen, grass, flowers.

  • Stay indoors if grass is being mowed.

  • Use A/C when possible (clean filters).

  • Keep windows closed in bedroom.

  • Shower after playing outdoors and wash hair.

You may send your child off to school feeling/looking fine and by the time they get to school, their eyes are itchy and puffy, they are sneezing and have a runny nose.

They’ve been exposed to many allergens on the way to school and perhaps did not have allergy medicine the night before.

After recess, I suggest these students go to the bathroom and wash their face and hands and take a wet paper towel to wipe off their hair. Then proceed to class or lunch.

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